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Privacy Fence For Your Patio

Do your neighbors suffer from the Gladys Kravitz Syndrome, always poking their heads out the window? Do you feel like an animal at the zoo when you host parties outside or lounge around in the summer? If you answered yes to either of these questions your privacy fence is lacking or it most likely needs updating! Nobody likes a nosy neighbor. It is time to take back your privacy and enjoy your and outdoor space! Adding a privacy fence can be accomplished many ways using many different materials. If your style is more eclectic or you find satisfaction in making something old new again, you can use old shudders or doors to build a one of a kind privacy fence for all of your neighbors to gawk and gossip about.

If you already have an established fence that is not getting the job done, it most likely needs re-purposing and/or patch work. It could be as simple as replacing a few fence posts and slats. While you are updating think about power washing and re-staining your fence all at once. If your existing fence is wood be sure to seal it after staining, saving you time and money.

If you do not have an existing fence, the first step is to decide whether you would like a full privacy fence or a partial fence.

Full Privacy Fence

Full fencing is the more traditional route; we often think first of wood fencing. But, vinyl is another great full privacy fencing option. Wood fencing allows for more design freedom in choosing types of wood, stains, and the width of each wood panel. In locations such as California, wood fencing can withstand the mild winters and the summer heat with proper fence maintenance and will not require heavy cement install as in other states where winter winds and low temps can do a lot of damage.

Vinyl fencing has its advantages over wood because it requires less maintenance and can last much longer than your traditional wood fencing. Vinyl also takes the away any worries of rotting and/or insect invasions.

Partial Privacy Fence

2Partial fencing is a great option if you only want to have privacy on your and not your entire outdoor space. Fencing just a portion of your space will save you money and allows for more creativity in creating your own unique privacy fence or screen. You can utilize planters, reclaimed wood, shutters, old doors, or recycled metal to achieve your desired amount of privacy.
Using plants to create a privacy barrier is a riskier option, relying on whichever plants you choose to produce your desired height and width of privacy.

But, if you succeed in doing so, plants in large planters create a natural, elegant privacy screen from your neighbors and is very pleasing to the eye. Using recycled metal or wood is a great option because it is inexpensive and you may already have the materials needed! A great option is framing out the bones and posts of the fence with wood and filling in panels of the fence with assorted metals.

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