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Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Nothing completes an outdoor space more than lighting. Adding light to your extends your time outdoors and enhances your ’s decor! There are many options when choosing the best lighting for your outdoor space. Heading into the warmer months is the best time to ditch your traditional flood lights and install lighting sure to wow your guests all summer! Now, let’s take a look at all of your lighting options. It is important to choose a design that will not only add style to your outdoor space, but provide functional lighting for all of your uses – grilling, cooking and entertaining.

Patio Lighting for Paths

2If you have a without any structures such as a pergola or deck above, path lighting is a simple solution when adding light to your outdoor space. Your path lighting can be used around the perimeter of your space and follow your walking paths to your home or gate. This will allow ample lighting for safe walking at night and also provide a warm glow to your beautiful !

Path lighting can be accomplished with staked pegs, free standing light boxes, rope lighting, or lanterns. Light boxes and lanterns can hold candles for an added touch of ambiance. For less maintenance, LED cool light bulbs will provide a moonlight glow effect and add a similar ambiance to your . Another option is solar lights which come on at dusk and depending on the brand and effectiveness may not last late into the evening. But, solar lights take the mess out of your outdoor lighting and do not require wires.

String Lights

3String lights can be used in a variety of ways, and can suit most patios. But especially patios with an overhang, pergola, deck above, umbrella or any other sort of covering. Here are a few ways these gorgeous lights can be utilized on your !

– these were made for lighting, you can streamline the string lights along the top of the pergola or wrap them around the rungs and support columns.

4Lighted Centerpiece – Create a talking piece to hang above your table! Use an old ladder (hanging horizontally) or metal hula-hoop shaped piece and string your lights around it – sure to wow your guests at dinner parties!

5Umbrella – You put your umbrella to use under the hot summer sun, why not utilize it at night? Wrap a strand of string lights around the inside of your umbrella or to the outer edge. Create a bright canopy to for your guests to sit under while playing card games and having drinks.


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