DIY patio project

DIY Patio Project Ideas Under $100

Sprucing up your outdoor space does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. With a little time and creativity, you can create affordable décor pieces for your . If you are feeling adventurous you can make a side table or piece of accent furniture out of wood pallets, cinder blocks, or any scrap materials you can think of. With little to no cost, you can create a conversation piece for your to enjoy all year. Here are a few DIY project ideas that can be achieved for under $100. I hope these ideas inspire your own creativity, have fun with it!

DIY patio projectWind Chimes

Wind chimes add a soothing sound piece to your to enjoy when soft breezes come through. Creating your own wind chimes can be achieved using any materials you chose. You would be surprised to know you probably have the materials needed to make your own wind chime, making this DIY project affordable and fun!

Click here for awe-inspiring wind chime ideas of all styles, beach to shabby chic.

DIY patio projectTuna Can Lanterns

What is a tuna can lantern? I wondered the same thing myself. It is quite literally a lantern made from a tuna can. But not entirely, there are other pieces involved in the DIY project. If you are looking for a cheap lantern to use for candles of all sizes or tea lights this DIY project is for you! These look far from cheap when they are finished and you can make a dozen of them to scatter through your for an illuminated party without breaking the bank.
You can fill these candle holders with LED candles for easy remote on/off as well as longer life outdoors. Better yet, use them to hold citronella candles to fight off those pesky mosquitos.

For the complete DIY instructions and materials needed click here.


Rolling Cooler Ottoman

It is genius. An ottoman that can be used as extra seating, double as a cooler, and on wheels?! Yes. It is real and it is so easy to create! First, build a plywood box that can fit a Styrofoam chest inside. Then, paint or stain your ottoman to match your décor and attach swivel plate caster wheels to the bottom. Next, upholster a piece of plywood for the lid and affix handles. Lastly, attach your upholstered plywood lid to the cooler lid add ice and your drinks!

Click here for more DIY project ideas and pictures/tutorial of the rolling cooler ottoman.


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